New Year, New Beginnings


Artwork copyright © 2013 Don Schmidt

Happy New Year of the Snake.  The Water Snake.  The Year 2013 is the third Elemental sign of six, Water, within the sixth Animal sign of twelve, the Snake.

Taoists see water as wisdom and intellect with too much causing indecisiveness and  lack of perseverance.  Chinese astrology describes those born in the Year of the Snake as being reticent and contemplative.  A Water Snake, it would seem, is quite an intelligent and insightful creature.  

Water is essential for life; it represents flexibility; of finding a way.  Too much water can harm; can kill; can destroy.  Not mediocrity, but moderation.  Balance.  The third of six and the sixth of twelve.  The middle and the middle.  Center.  Hara.  Balance.

I’m not a Water Snake, but I’d like to be more like one.

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